Where are MVMT Watches made?

As a Lead Custom Watch Manufacturer in china, we have produced many types watch for our customer over world. what is the key factor if you want to make custom watch out? the answer is Watch Movement, it have to be stable;precision and work long time. so which Brand Movement is stable and precision? according to our experience. we mostly suggest to our customer to use Japanese Movement. it even better than Switzerland movement. those Japanese movement quality is nice, stable and easy to assemble. for example CITIZEN, we use a lot of movement from Citizen, quite nice. they also have movement factory in china. so can easily purchased. now many and many kind of watch made in china. due to the supply chain of watch components is quite sufficient here.

Watch style guide.

Men watch, Women watch, Student watch,

Smart watch, Quarz watch, mechanical watch.

Sport watch anti-water watch and so on,

What are the part names of watches?

Watch is very traditional products Now, till now the function of watch is more over time, more is like decoration, look around those stars or friends with watch, they ware watch look like more official and more charming, do you agree? If you need to check time, you can grab your phone and take a look; but why still so many people still like to ware a watch? Do you consider it? do yo think it is a business for you ? here below you can find the name of watch component.

automatic watch parts diagramthe hands on a watch called

How you did your custom watches become popular?

Now the internet is very popular,everyone can get the info through it, Traffic is Money,  if you are social media influencer, like wechat, facebook, instagram and so on, you need to build your own channel, and attract more and more funs and friends, those will be your potential leads, you can show them the watch you customised once you finished your watch manufacturing. also your brand.

If you have Custom design watch; please let us know, we will evaluate it and raise some suggestion to you. even hand draft is fine.

we will not share any of customer’s design to others.

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