Recently many of my website visitors send mail to me ask how he can start their own business
or brand? where should they dive from in? hope this guide to help those people raise some brain
idea. and can help them to achieve success.

Chose Product

when you start your own business and brand. maybe many people stuck to think how to register a company, how I should run this company. how to build a company website…and so on. but you know actually, there has one key point needs to be seriously considered, which product you should choose to sell. this is really important factor. it will affect your business success or not. also will affect your goods easy to sold or not.

How to chose a hot product to sold?

maybe you will ask, how I can choose a hot product to sell, what kind of product can bring better profit? here we have a procedure to help you choose proper goods for you diving in and start. so that you can take a shortcut to success, avoid money lose. To answer this question, there have below factor need to
consider carefully.
A. Commoditized products.
B. This product should look like a valued. this product can be been make-up and bring profit.
C. This product Have needs in our life
D. This product should be small size so that it can be easy to transport with cheap air price.

Amazon best sellers

First, go to Amazon, on the first page you will see the hot sell products. these are easy and fast to sell; this will give some instruction and idea, choose your most familiar and good at products. in eBay also similar, when you choose one product, you also can go to eBay for validation

How to validate the products is hot?

let us use wrist watch as a sample, you can use google trends tools for validation. see below picture, in the past five years, wrist watch’s search volume keeps slowly increasing. that means wrist watch needs keep increasing over world year by year too. maybe you have confusion. why the wristwatch keep increasing now, since the cell phone can replace it completely, am I right?  but the actual thing is not like this. if you consider it carefully. you will find the wristwatch not only just show people time, it also has a function with decoration; chronograph; looks like more officials……. have doubt? check below stars.

Skarwin is a wristwatch manufacturer in China. our Main products include Mechanical watch and Quartz watch below you can find some of our factory pictures

How to price the sales price

The price at which the product is sold to the consumer has the following components:

1. The manufacturing cost of the factory.

2. Packaging Cost

3. The transportation cost.

4. Advertising costs.

5. Profit.

6. Delivery costs

still, don’t understand? no worry, let us still use a wristwatch as samples. suppose you need purchase 100pcs wristwatch to sell online(plan to spend 200usd google ads to sell these 100set watches). you already find a reliable vendor to provide watches to you. also confirmed the packaging vendor price for the gift box. please see below firm, so that you can understand how you can price your retailer price.

Cost item100pcs wrist watch (usd)Remark
Manufacturer cost(FOB)10*100each wrist watch price is 10usd
Packaging cost1*100suppose packaging gift box cost 1usd
transportation cost3*100transportation cost spend each piece is 3usd
google ads200suppose you need to spend 200usd on google ads to sell these 100pcs watches.
Delivery cost2.5*100delivery cost 2.5usd/per set
Retailer Price24.05each watch you need to sell on price 24.05usd.

Choose which platforms to sell on?

Struggle on which platforms sell on, honest said today there have many platforms for you choose. like below showed, you can decide which platforms you use according to your own situation.

  • Your online store(you need familiar with code; SEO; website building)
  • Amazon(require to have technical keyword research. SEO and AdWords)
  • eBay(require to have technical keyword research. SEO and AdWords)
  • Facebook(require to have technical keyword research. SEO and Facebook Ads)
  • Shopify(require to have technical keyword research. SEO and Ads)

Drive traffic to your Product

This is the key phrase to make your business success or not. when you have your own product been chosen, also you already select platforms to sell your product, now you have to drive some traffic to your website or store. so that your potential customer can visit your website or store. here have some choice.

Organic search

keyword research

SEO(technical one, need to spend lots of time and energy on it, for the new website or store is very difficult to catch it in a short time)

Paid search

once we speak paid search, google ads maybe will come out to your brain. current there have many ads platform for your choice and compare. this will be easy to set up also can easily to drive some potential traffic to your website or store; if you have a website, here I suggest you use google ads

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